Travelling and Breast-Feeding

Some mothers might choose not to breast-feed because they travel a lot or they might be away from their babies for short periods of time. However, travelling or proximity is something that should not put you off breast-feeding.In this day and age, mothers should be able to breast-feed anywhere they want, no matter where they are in the world, even if they are out in public. But, some mothers might feel embarrassed about feeding in public.If you feel embarrassed, then you should know that this is something that you will get over with time. The more you breast-feed in public, the less of an issue it will become. Think about it, you are giving your baby the nutrients he or she need to live a healthy life. You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.If you are worried about breast-feeding when you travel, then read on for some tips on what you can do to make sure you feel secure when breast-feeding in public.CoversIf you have ever seen reality TV shows that focus on young mothers, you will know that some of them will cover the top half of their body up when they are on camera and they are breast-feeding. This is for their benefit and it is because the networks might not be able to show the process before a certain time.The covers that they use are like large blankets. They are big and roomy and they cover you from the waist to shoulder. The blankets are not restrictive and you are in no danger of restricting the babies breathing by covering them with a blanket.This is a good option for you to have, especially if you are in a public place where other kids are around you. They might point and their own parents might not want them to see the process. However, this is their problem really, not yours and you are being self-less by choosing this option. You are not required by law to cover up when you are breast-feeding.RoomsIf you are in a theme park, zoo, or other holiday type places, they might have specific rooms for nursing. This is for your own privacy and they are trying to make sure that all of their guests are comfortable on their premises.If you don’t want to go to a closed off room whenever your baby is hungry, you don’t have to. Again, you are not required by law to enter this room to feed your baby. If someone has an issue about you feeding your baby in a public place, this says more about them, than it does about you.PumpsIf the reason that you don’t want to breast-feed in public is more about your own modesty, then you do have the option to use breast pumps before you leave.With a breast pump, you will be getting the milk from your body before you leave. Then, you will put the milk in bottles so that you can feed your baby later. The baby will still be getting your milk; it is just in a different container, so to speak.If you use the milk immediately after you have pumped, you won’t have to heat it up. But, if you use the milk a long period of time later, then you might have to find somewhere to heat it. Some restaurants will accommodate this and other places might even have a public microwave. If you can’t find someone to heat it, you might have to put some hot water in a sink and then let the bottle rest in the sink for a bit – old school style.