Motion Sickness – Don’t Let It Get In The Way of Travel

We’ve known of people putting off their dreams of travelling due to the problem of motion sickness. Some people are just more prone to it than others are, but there are ways one can lessen the condition and enjoy travels and holidays to faraway places! Don’t let motion sickness hold you back – there are ways to address the problem so travelling can be a more pleasant experience.Motion sickness can be caused by stress and anxiety over a trip. So it would help to be well prepared so you can relax just before and during travel. Pack way ahead, begin to delegate the tasks you need to pass on while you’re on holiday, settle all bills that have a deadline, and work out everything that will travel – not when you’re already in the car, on a plane or ship. Also avoid alcohol beginning a few days before your trip and eat only a light meal prior to travelling. If you’re taking a long flight or drive, keep your meals light, too, during the entire trip. Eating too heavy a meal will increase your chances of throwing up. Raw vegetables are said to help a lot, and some people will testify to the great effects of celery and carrots.If you’re travelling on a plane, request for the window seat, preferably in the area over the wings since there’s more stability there. It helps a lot to look out the window to prevent motion sickness. Try to take the front seat when travelling on the road, but if you have to seat yourself in the rear portion, the middle seat where you get an unobstructed view of the road ahead is a good spot, while others find that being at the sides with an open window greatly helps. Being seated in the middle also causes less movements and sways. If travelling on a ship, go for the deck more often. Fresh air and the view of the horizon do wonders for those suffering from dizzy spells during travel.Avoid focusing on objects near you while travelling on the road, so never read a book, work on your laptop or play a hand-held game or text while travelling. And if you can drive, offer to take the wheel during the trip. People who drive rarely suffer from motion sickness, probably because they’re concentrating on the outside surroundings during the entire trip.Keep all these travel tips at bay so you lessen your miseries over motion sickness. Using most or all of these tips can turn your travel fears into an enjoyable travel experience and pretty soon, you’ll find yourself on the travel route more often!