Honolulu Travel And Exploration Tips

Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii. It is based on the Oahu Island and it acts as the head office for government and business functions of the entire state. The city is a home for about eighty percent of the population found in the state. The city has the best beach in the entire world known as the Waikiki. Honolulu is obviously one of the best tourist destinations in the US that you want to visit at least once in your life.You can have the sweetest experience in your life on Oahu’s one of the loveliest white sandy beaches. Are you wondering when the best time to travel to this place is? The climate is generally tropical all year round although there are two main seasons. The dry season occurs from April to October and the rainy season starts from November to March. There is also a very stormy period between June and November. Most people travel to the city during the wettest period of the year and it is called the peak season. Around the mid December to around April the rates of cruising and flying to Oahu are very high.Since the Hawaii weather is the best compared to that of any other US state, you should start looking for Honolulu cruise lines before the end of summer. The summer cruise and flight deals are very cheap not to mention how affordable and low the Honolulu hotels rates can get. There are two seasons that do not make a Hawaii visitor spends lots of money. The first one can be planned between mid-Aprils up to mid-June.The other cheaper season starts from September to around 15th December. If you want the former holiday that starts about 15th April, you should be aware that the city attracts numerous Japanese visitors towards the last week of the month. They come to celebrate their Golden Week made up of 4 different holidays within seven days.What activities can you do on arrival on Oahu Island?Take a walk Downtown – This is the center of historic background of Honolulu where you are likely to find many museums, a Harbor, commercial and financial centers of the entire Hawaii and so much more. You can learn a lot about this state around this area of the town.Visit Manoa Makiki – This area is quiet and is located in the north of Downtown. There you will find the University of Hawaii, Koolau Mountains and so much more. The region has beautiful scenery that you can capture with your digital camera.Eastern and Western Honolulu – The eastern area is a residential section that touches the south eastern end of the island called Makapuu Point. It is a place where you can observe very rocky shores, white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean waters. Snorkeling sport is very common at a place called Hanauma bay. To the western part of the city, you can find Pearl Harbor, Bishop Museum and the main airport. It is also a residential region.Enjoy white sand beaches – The trendiest of all is Waikiki where tourists from all over the world congregate to have fun. There are many Honolulu hotels close to the beach where you can stay. Many activities that you can do exist, including swimming, surfing, sunbathing and so much more.